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Skin Tone Tool Card (ST01)


Skin Tone Tool Card (ST01)


Introducing our Skin Tone Cards, meticulously designed and produced in collaboration with Tissue Viability professionals, they have a focus on inclusivity and patient safety. In healthcare, where every detail matters, our cards that can also come with an antimicrobial badge holder serve as indispensable tools in preventing pressure ulcers and moisture lesions across all skin tones.


Research shows that individuals with darker skin tones are disproportionately affected by higher-stage pressure ulcers. This disparity underscores the urgent need for skin assessment protocols that are effective across all skin tones. Our Skin Tone Cards address this critical gap by providing healthcare professionals with a reliable means of assessing and monitoring skin health, regardless of skin tone.


By incorporating skin tone awareness into routine assessments, our cards empower clinicians to recognise early signs of damage and intervene promptly. This proactive approach not only improves patient outcomes but also fosters a culture of inclusivity within healthcare practice.


Join us in the fight against pressure ulcers and moisture lesions. Embrace diversity, promote equity, and prioritise patient well-being with our Skin Tone Cards – the essential tool for every healthcare professional dedicated to comprehensive patient safety.



🛑 Ensure patient safety with our Skin Tone Cards – essential for preventing pressure ulcers & moisture lesions across all skin tones. Embrace diversity, promote equity, and prioritise inclusive care for every patient! #PatientSafety #PressureUlcerPrevention #MoistureLesion #stopthepressure available now from ➡️ www.skintonetool.com






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