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Q Can the badges be customised?

A We offer a dual prevention badge where we can help design an extra card with your trust message or policy on to help reduce pressure ulcers. WE DO NOT advertise other companies on our badge, and the badge is not to be altered, as not only does this go against our principles, it is a copyright infringement and violates our design rights which are protected and registered with the intellectual property office.

Q Is the prevention badge mirror on the front shatterproof?

A Yes, the mirror is made from solid plastic, from a litho process, and will not shatter

Q How much is the prevention badge?

A just £2 each 

Q Is there a minimum order requirement?

A No order as many or little as you like

Q Is there any discount for large orders?

A For orders over 2,000 please email info@respond2pressure.co.uk to discuss