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Pressure ulcer development is emerging as a chronic and costly problem and one that transcends into all health care settings. It is widely recognised that by undertaking regular skin inspections and empowering all health care professionals with the knowledge required to recognise early skin changes, this is fundamental to both prevention and early intervention taking place.

To reduce the incidence of pressure ulcer development does not involve a high financial commitment from your organisation, it simply requires a commitment to provide information, education and the correct tools to assist in the assessment process.

One such tool that has been developed to both check and identify early signs of skin damage is the Prevention Badge©. The badge has been developed to raise both visual and observational awareness, with one side of the badge providing information on what to look for, whilst the other side is reflective to enable skin inspections to be performed on areas such as heels, and the back of the patients calf, and any other areas which potentially are difficult to examine.

The badge has been designed to be worn on uniforms or indeed on any piece of clothing were a clip can be attached, lanyards are available if required at an additional cost. The badge is robust and has addressed the issue of compliance from both an infection control and sharps perspective, by ensuring that it meets the standards of any badge that is currently worn in the healthcare setting today.

Preventing pressure ulcers is everyone's responsibility and it is often the most simplistic tools that are central to achieving this. Raise awareness of pressure ulcer prevention in your organisation or health care setting by wearing this dual purpose badge. This badge will not only assist in identifying skin damage early, but will also act as visual reminder that whilst pressure ulcers are a real and costly problem in health care today, it is one that can potentially be avoided.

We also accept purchase orders from the NHS, please email info@respond2pressure.co.uk